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free colour match organic vegan natural makeup

vegan organic natural makeup

That's why we have an in-house professional makeup artist and product expert who will match your skin type and tone to the perfect bases like primers, concealers, liquid foundations and powders that will make your skin flawless! She will let you know the blush that will give you just the right pop and the highlighters to make you glow in the most luminous way! She can tell you what lipstick shades will have your lips the most kissable and the products that will make your eyes simply irresistible!  

So what are you waiting for?  

Fill in the form below and send us off your picture and we will have all your picture perfect product suggestions to you in 24-48 hours!

Please note: When sending in your photo, be sure to be standing in natural sunlight (outside preferably) - with your face looking directly into the camera. Doing this will ensure the best possible colour match. If possible, try to be the only person in the photo also, to avoid any confusion when being colour matched.